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"Is it golden?" I said.

"I don't know. It is Odin's disk and it has only one side."

— J. L. Borges, The Disk.

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This site, for me, is an attempt to answer the question: Do I have what it takes to be a Maker? I have a project in mind, but I don't think I presently have the skill or drive to make it real. So for me, this site is a way to develop my artistic and storytelling skills, and to gain practice in organizing a complex project and working to deadlines.

What is this site, to anyone who's not me?

Is it a blog? In a way. I am committed to putting fresh material on this site every week. This may be script fragments from the main project, or talk about how the project is coming, or side material that I find interesting.

Is it a webcomic?  In a way. My main project will be a graphic novel and will appear online, but it will not be updated every day as with standard three-panel strips. I may work in such a format for a while, however, on strips that are not part of the main project.

My inital schedule for site updates is Monday and Thursday of every week. My goal is to complete one story of the main project by the end of 2004. This introduction, and construction of the site, counts as the first installment.

I believe that in the long term, I can promise you something wonderful. In the short term, I hope it may amuse you to watch me work through various technical problems, strive for goals, and fail and triumph in various ways.

The next installment will be on Monday, July 19th.

—Thursday, July 15th, 2004.

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